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The idea of establishing HOMOEOPATHY INTERNATIONAL hit Dr. Harimohan Choudhury’s mind while he was seriously consider to procuring Homoeo medicines of LM Potency. Dr. Choudhury, ardent believer in Master Hahnemann’s 6th Edition of Organon, had preferred to treat the patient through LM potentized medicine since the beginning of his carrier in 1960. Impressed by the teachings of the Master Hahnemann, he set up the pioneer organization of LM Potency in 1978. Dr. Choudhury believed that LM Potency is the life long research work of Master Samuel Hahnemann and he introduced in his latest contribution in the Organon of Medicine, 6th Edition which is the safest posology of treatment.

However, in the early days of his carrier, it was tough for him to get the right medicine of actual LM Potency. Even, no Nosode medicines were available, which left him in trouble. LM medicines available in global markets in those days were of high cost and only limited range of medicines was available. So, Dr. Harimohan Choudhury himself started preparing LM medicines for his won patients. Getting encouraging results, he started advising for LM Potency to his colleague and students.

Ultimately, this yielded the results. Understanding the effectiveness of the LM Potency, his colleagues, friends and other practitioners also started looking for ‘The medicines’. Being faced with the problem of procurement, they approached Dr. Choudhury to extend support. In fact, it is the urge from these noted Doctors, which lit the flame in Dr. Choudhury’s mind to establish HOMOEOPATHY INTERNATIONAL. Gradually, it became the pioneer institution to propagate and fulfills of Master Samuel Hahnemann’s mission and vision.

Now HOMOEOPATHY INTERNATIONAL is a leading name in LM medicines and a trusted exporter to different countries of the world.

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