Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury is born in December 1956.

Along with graduation in science, he completed his study in Homoeopathy from Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital the most renowned college in Asia.

Dr.Satchidananda Choudhury, a renouned homeopath, who has an experience of about 26 years in this field, has cured many difficult rather almost incurable diseases with the use of 50 millesimal, i.e. LM potency, invented by the Father of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

He is the elder son of Dr. Harimohan Choudhury, the legend of LM Potency in the world.


He was associated with the Homeopathic stalwarts like Dr. J. N. Kanjilal, Dr. S. P. Dey, Dr. S. B. Sinha, etc. He has also got the guidance of many renouned homeopaths besides his father, Dr. Harimohan Choudhury.

Under the direct guidance of Dr. Harimohan Choudhury until his demise in 1990, Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury made himself as a Classical Homoeopath in India and abroad.

He is practicing with the help of completely LM potency, the perfected method of treatment and the highest contribution of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He treats patients suffering from incurable diseases like AIDS, Brain tumor, Cancer, Rheumatism, Glaucoma, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowl Syndromes and Different Mental Problems and so.

Besides he is engaged with different social and cultural organization like Homoeopathic Forum, International Homoeopathic Organization to Prevent Nuclear War, Homoeopathic Bijnan Parisad, International Society for the Cultivation of Homoeopathic Science, All India Medicos Federation, Indian Society for Culture and Friendship, Youth Guild for Friendship etc.

He has already delivered many lectures in different National and International seminars by this time.

There are so many articles written by him on Homoeopathy, Cultural and Social aspects which enlightened us of his conviction. And his edited journals like Homoeopathic Forum Swasta Patrika, Youth Guild Sambad, and Seva etc. feed the society.

He Introduced many new medicine to the Homoeopathic treasury, i.e. Aids Nosodes, Hepatitis-B etc. and is always in search of the development of Homoeopathy. Moreover he is engaged in the teaching at MJRG Pharmaceutical Institute.

Thus he has totally dedicated himself for the betterment of sick humanity.

Online Consultation:

Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury is one of the classical homoeopaths of India . Any body can consult with him through online.

The steps to consultation and treatment with Dr. Choudhury are as follows:

  1. Download the given Questionnaire.
  2. Fill-up the questionnaire and mail it back to Dr.Satchidananda Choudhury at
  3. After receiving the acknowledgement from Dr.Satchidananda Choudhury clinic with 3-4 days, follow the next step.
  4. Send the cheque or bank draft to Dr. Choudhury and intimate him through email.
  5. Once the payment is received, Dr. Choudhury will then take 2-3 days to review your case and subsequently appropriate medicines would be posted to your address.
  6. You will now have to follow the prescribed schedule of medicine and would have to report your feedback to Dr. Choudhury on a regular basis.
  7. You can also speak to Dr. Choudhury over the phone for direct support by calling at the following number(s):


115E Lenin Sarani, Kolkata 700013. India
Phone: 91-33-22651108

119 Baroda Avenue, Kolkata 700084
Phone: 91-33-24301980
Mobile: +91 94339 73739

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